Homes of Hope (Romania)

About Homes of Hope (Romania)

Living in a gypsy community is difficult and can sometimes even be unsafe. Most houses are made of wood or other flammable materials, which can easily lead to disaster. January 8, 2021 was the worst day for more than 200 people, when they lost their homes due to a fire that spread throughout their community. Twenty-one families are now living in the sports arena in the city of Miercurea Ciuc, hoping for a miracle to happen.

Our project consists of building seven houses in the summer of 2021: five for families in this community and two in the community where we are involved weekly, near Cluj Napoca. Here we have two families with 2 and 3 children living in very bad conditions.

In order to do this, we are committed to fundraise $72,890 and we want to invite you to invest in our project and make a difference in the life of Romanian families. Your contribution, whether is $10 or $500 will completely change the future of this 7 families and give them hope!